Jenny Bryan

Address: 1802 Hawkweed Way | Malvern | PA | 19355

Phone: 919.395.2765

About Pinnacle Sports Marketing

As the mother of two lacrosse players, I have spent the past ten years watching and filming their games. Over time I realized that a highlight reel was a great way to capture their best moments. Highlight reels can also be a very useful recruiting tool but they can be cost prohibitive. I decided to offer an alternative - high quality highlight reels at an affordable price using film that you provide. It can be from games that you have filmed yourself, or you can provide me with professional films, whatever you have on hand.

What is included in a highlight video?

  • Title screen with all your stats, and contact information
  • Second screen (optional) with any awards and honors
  • Your best highlights (10) edited into a 2-3 minute video
  • Player is spotlighted in the footage for easy identification
  • Highlight film sent to you as a video file that you can upload to Youtube, vimeo, etc.
  • You provide the film and determine the order of the highlights
  • We can edit your home film or games that were professionally filmed


  • Pick your 10 or 20 best plays using our online form
  • Standard Delivery is up to 20 business days or less
    While we all love having popular music playing on our highlight reel I would like to suggest that you allow me to provide music from a catalog of royalty free songs.
  • If you choose to use non royalty free music, please be aware that Youtube may not allow the video to be shown due to copyright infringement.